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Kids' Action Night evenings are functioning all over Finland now. They are arranged by different churches and different denominations. Kids' Action Night events are 3 hours long evenings that are full of action: action points, bring and share eating together, funny programs, adults and children together, praise and Bible teaching. Children and teenagers in age of 7-12 are special guests, but the most important person of the evening is Jesus, whose goodness, love, and knowledge we want to communicate to everyone.

Jesus cares of every child and he said: " Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these." Jesus is also the only way to the Father God and to eternal life. His person is our message to every child.

There is a same structure in Kids' Action Night events. Evening is divided to three different parts:

  1. the spiritual part
  2. the social and activity part
  3. the communal and fun part

Every organizing church or churches together functiong in the same way. Kids' Action Night is arranged for children and done in a way that kids like it. A great number of adults, young people, even grandfathers and grandmothers create a safe atmosphere for children. We want children to be children and to enjoy those good and happy things that belong to childhood.

We believe that Kids' Action Night events are God's movement in Finland among children and an answer to many prayers.

Kids' Action Nights were started by the Free Evangelical Church in Jyväskylä 15 years ago. In Jyväskylä alone they have touched thousands of lives in that time. So many children have given their lives to Jesus. At the moment there are about 80 churches and one in Sweden, Estonia and Danmark. First Kids' Action Night was held in Spain in June 2007...

Now we have created a network to encourage and support oneanother and to share resources. We have also 11 training churches that help other churches to start new Kids' Action Night events.

To live and know Jesus is LIFE and He gives a new life to everyone who believes in Him. This and all the richness of life we want communicate to children in Kids'Action Night events.

Greetings and God bless you
Kari Hämäläinen,
pastor of Jyväskylän Vapaaseurakunta (the Free Evangelical Church of Jyväskylä)

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